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This psd was made by couleursps. This is a psd pack for gifs. That pack contains a colorful pink, a colorful purple, a colorful red, a pastel colorful, pastel, colorful orange and a especial one black and white. Hope you enjoy it! PLEASE don’t forget the like or the reblog, it matters to me! Thank you!

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I’m bored. Anybody want a theme makeover?

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YOU GOT A BEST FRIEND SING, SING ALONG + listen » "walk in the building, tear it down, like we king kong and in my eyes, you can't do, do no wrong"

a playlist for the animated moments, laughter and to always remember when you’re in your room with your best friend with the sound and your voice at maximum level

oath by cher lloyd // baby by justin bieber feat ludacris // best song ever by one direction // what’s your name by rihanna // rehab by amy winehouse // we are never ever getting back together by taylor swift // story of my life by one direction // hold on, we’re going home by drake // r u crazy by connor maynard // true friend by miley cyrus // we can’t stop by miley cyrus // birthday by selena gomez // fergalicious by fergie feat // my humps by black eyed peas // 4 chords by the axis of awesome // royals by lorde // the love club by lorde //  you belong with me by taylor swift // what makes you beautiful by one direction // 22 by taylor swift // diamonds by rihanna // she’s not afraid by one direction // big girls don’t cry by fergie // survival by eminem // mirrors by justin timberlake // sexyback by justin timberlake // toxic by britney spears // the reason by hoobastank // she will be loved by maroon 5 // a drop in the ocean by ron pope // you make me by avicii // tonight i’m getting over you remix by carly rae jepsen feat nicki minaj // céu completo by strike // count on me by bruno mars // locked out of heaven by bruno mars // dna by little mix // girl on fire by alicia keys feat nicki minaj // swagger by cher lloyd // ready or not by bridgit mendler // when i was your man by bruno mars // move by little mix // treasure by bruno mars // how ya doin’ by little mix feat missy elliott // heart attack by demi lovato // summer paradise by simple plan feat sean paul

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omfg. the notes.

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The Safe Zone was paradise in hell. The money generated within the city was unbelievable, but the price for the luxurious lifestyle came with greater consequences than the benefit of being alive within the city. The city’s structure fed from corruption, and dirty, easy money was the only way to survive. Demons and humans mixed, and all were faced with the same nightmare, dictatorship. The government has the power, controlling who breathes and who doesn’t, so it was only a matter of time before rebellion rose within the depths of the richest neighborhood in the Safe Zone.

The city’s richest neighborhood formed an underground network, and it wasn’t long before their prayers were answered. They all had the same dream, and after the night their questions were answered, they had a meeting where the dream was brought up and as they discussed the similarity of their dreams blood appeared on the wall and a message begged for their attention. “I am your God and creator, you have met me now. Trust me, I will give you paradise, and demolish corruption”. Nothing else was debated, but their thoughts were equal. “I met God… And she’s black.” Now they all await on their first mission, living in such luxurious city of sin.

(If you have any question on the plot hit up my askbox)
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If you can, check this rp out i’m looking forward to it. Join as a male.

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According to Steve Harvey women are very intelligent and very independent beings, but when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex, their smartness seems to flies out the window. Men are the opposite. Steve Harvey gave the impression that men with love are like fishmen. They either seek for sport fish, or for fish to eat. They either fish for the biggest fish, take a picture and admire it with their friends putting the fish back in the sea, or they capture the fish and take it home to fed. But what does it take to make a woman be worth being the fish being taken home? Come find out on Think Like A Man the reality TV show.

Hit us up if there are any questions

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Dudley Town, Connecticut is a town full of lovely neighbors. Positive Vibes & Everything good that the world needs. Each day seems to be a great day to be with your family or friends -- Almost everyday. There's a new law in the U.S that now states that One day each year all crime will be legal including murder and robbery. This is claimed to relieve stress so that the rest of the year will be calm and ordinary.

But what if things get too out of hand? 

The citizens of the United states are complaining more than ever that ONE DAY IS NOT ENOUGH. The government warned the people that if they did more than one day there will be severe consequences. The people wouldn't listen and they continued demanding anyway. The government now gave them what they want. Instead of annually. The purge will happen Randomly at any moment of a day at anytime. It gets worse -- Each states council has times where they assign a resident to assassinate another, does not matter the relationship they have with others.

So stay alive and have fun purging. Good luck.


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I'm sure all these women need gentlemen by there sides. Come Join our community. The more people, the faster we can settle down and start keeping the government proud.


New rp alert, everyone go check them out. 


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